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Who Makes Up the Multidisciplinary team (MDT)?

The MDT is a multidisciplinary group of highly skilled professionals who are committed to improving their response to the victims of child abuse. 

Caring professionals recognize that to better help the children suffering from abuse, they need to share information and work together. The MDT includes individuals from law enforcement, child welfare, prosecution, medical personnel, mental health, forensic interviewers, and 

the C.A.R.T. House staff. 

Members of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) are representatives from:

El Reno Police Department

Yukon Police Department

Mustang Police Department

Union City Police Department

Piedmont Police Department
Department of Human Services- Canadian County
Red Rock-Canadian County
Canadian County CASA
Medical Professionals
Canadian County District Attorney's Office
Child Advocacy Center Staff

MDT interventions in a neutral, child-focused CAC setting are associated with less anxiety, fewer interviews, and more appropriate and 

timely referrals for needed services. 

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