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Forensic Interviews

This is vital to the work we do. This is a process where a child is given the opportunity to make a statement about what happened in a safe, supportive environment. The child is questioned in a legally-sound, developmentally appropriate manner by a nationally trained forensic interviewer. The interview is video-recorded with the emphasis on the child’s comfort and obtaining accurate information for the investigation and prosecution processes. This helps in reducing the number of times children have to tell their story, therefore reducing trauma to the child.


Specialized Advocacy

Our advocate provides one-on-one support for every child and their non-offending parent or caregiver. Our advocate works along side the families to help navigate the system and ensure they have the necessary resources to improve their lives. Follow-up contact is a priority to ensure their needs are being met.

Medical Exams

Our Pediatric SANE Nurses provide services to children 0-17 years of age who have been or are alleged of being sexually or physically abused. The nurses focus on:

·   Addressing the health care needs of children

·   Promote their healing; and

·   Gather forensic evidence for potential use within           

    the criminal justice and/or child protective


Case Review

Each month, our team comes together to discuss the current cases in full. We focus on ensuring the child and family is getting the resources they need to heal. We also discuss with the team on where we are in the case and what is needed to complete the case in full.




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Forensic Interview

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